Positions On Key Issues – 10/25/13

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Taxes – The Gates GOP team has made reducing taxes a priority. Stable taxes keep homes affordable and encourage business growth. Since 2008 taxes have been reduced over 9 %. The proposed 2014 Budget includes another tax cut bringing taxes almost 10% lower today than in 2008. Gates would have 4 straight tax cuts if the 2014 budget is approved … Read More

Positions on key issues (10/23/2009)

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On police consolidation my opponent has proposed that county government provide an annual 1.5 million dollar government grant for “use of the Gates Police Department”. First, this is nothing more than shifting the tax burden on to the county. Second, allowing the county to use our local police department defeats the purpose of a town police force. Gates residents have … Read More


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Understanding that openness and easy access to town government and officials is vital, Mark Assini and the Gates GOP Team plan to review alternatives to make Gates Government more accessible to the public. They intend to make a comprehensive review of the ways Gates residents can and do interact with Town government and Town officials and to consider ways to … Read More

Gates GOP Team Calls for Development of a Long-Range Spending Plan for Town Roads, Equipment, and Buildings and for the Establishment of a Capital Planning Committee. (6/22/2009)

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The Town of Gates has long been considered a great place to buy a home, raise a family and to do business. Providing well maintained town roads, equipment and buildings while keeping taxes stable is a vital part of a healthy business environment and crucial to maintaining a good quality of life for town residents. Given the fiscal challenges ahead … Read More