Positions On Key Issues – 10/25/13

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Taxes – The Gates GOP team has made reducing taxes a priority. Stable taxes keep homes affordable and encourage business growth. Since 2008 taxes have been reduced over 9 %. The proposed 2014 Budget includes another tax cut bringing taxes almost 10% lower today than in 2008. Gates would have 4 straight tax cuts if the 2014 budget is approved and will be the only large town in Monroe County to do so.

Economic Development – Bringing jobs to Gates is another priority for the Gates Team. A healthy commercial tax base is crucial to keeping taxes stable and to providing our residents with the goods and services they need and deserve. Economic growth also provides families desperately needed jobs. To that end we have seen new restaurants, manufactures and retail operations opening in Gates. In 2013 the GC Chamber of Commerce awarded the Town Supervisor the Joseph Entress Memorial Award (for efforts in Economic Development).

Public Safety – Gates has one of the finest Town Police Departments in the region. Our response time, courteous and professional staff as well as our community involvement has made the Gates Police one of our finest town assets. Keeping Gates safe is critical to our quality of life. Making sure our roads are passable during the winter months, streets paved in the summer and sidewalks repaired when needed is also a critical part of Public Safety. To that end the Town has spent well over 2.5 million dollars in the last 4 years to support that goal.

Financial Stability – Our community is one of only a few debt free towns (we have no short term or long term notes or bonds – $000 – none!). Instead of borrowing for roads, sidewalk repairs and capital equipment the town has pledged to use our reserve with guidance from our 5 year Capital Plan developed by our Capital Planning Committee to meet our long term Capital needs. Growth in our business sector coupled with carefully reviewed long range forecasts will keep our community growing and taxes stable for years to come.

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