Gates GOP Team Calls for Development of a Long-Range Spending Plan for Town Roads, Equipment, and Buildings and for the Establishment of a Capital Planning Committee. (6/22/2009)

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The Town of Gates has long been considered a great place to buy a home, raise a family and to do business.

Providing well maintained town roads, equipment and buildings while keeping taxes stable is a vital part of a healthy business environment and crucial to maintaining a good quality of life for town residents.

Given the fiscal challenges ahead it is wise to provide a comprehensive long range spending plan to match the town’s needs with available financial resources.

Development of this plan will be with the input and guidance of the town staff in conjunction with a Capital Planning Committee. The Capital Planning Committee will be formed by qualified community volunteers to both review and edit the plan as necessary. This committee will include members of all political parties. The entire process will be open to the public.

Implementing a formal long range planning process for town roads, equipment and buildings will allow community input, transparency and the ability to prioritize our community’s capital needs with what our community can afford.